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I want to be involved in projects that I can be proud of, join an amazing team, and advance my post-production career. Take some time to look at my work, credentials, and if you're interested in helping me make this happen, let's get in touch.

Avid Media Composer

Avid Media Composer is the most proven video editing software in the industry. Over the last couple of years I have learned the ins and outs of Avid (literally). I believe that organization is the key to a successful and enjoyable edit. Avid has the tools for me to make a story come to life.


Davinci Resolve

I understand the performance, quality and workflow of Davinci Resolve. Davinci features unlimited grading and color correction with the creative tools embedded in the application. I am able to change the color of a moving object, or simply change the tone and style of the film. Davinci enables me to turn raw footage into a cinematic masterpeice.


Adobe After Effects

I have been using Adobe after effects for years now. This application allows me to do any type of standard VFX that is needed. When an idea approaches me I have no doubts that I will be able to make it happen no matter how complicated. With a little help from 3D software and the odd tutorial, there is no limit to what can be done visually.


Final Cut Pro

Final Cut Pro is a great application for simple timeline editing. It is basically like IMovie on steroids. It is a good program for simple edits such as personal projects or for production dailies. The only problem is that it lacks in file and timeline organization in comparison to Avid Media Composer.


Adobe Premeire

Adobe Premiere is probably one of my favorite editing applications next to Avid. Adobe makes it easy to organize, trim and piece together any sort of project. It is one of the first editing programs that I have ever used back in grade 9 and to date is one that I still frequently use.


Cinema 4D

Cinema 4D is an application that was introduced to me during my first year of Media Design & Production at Fanshawe College. To date, I have the ability to model, texture, and animate whatever comes to mind in a creative and professional manner.


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My Editing Technique

When I serve the role as a director or producer I plan and direct the shots in such a way where they can be cut together smoothly and coherently. On set, I am always thinking about how the shot will cut together during post-production. I believe that a good edit is when an edit is gone unnoticed. The viewer should not be able to focus on an edit; rather they should be focused on the meaning and the story of the film.

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