Ahhhh, good ol HTML & CSS. By far the best coding languages. When I began this program at fanshawe I new absolutly nothing about code. To this day, I have come so far with my coding and webdesign skills and feel like i can acheive any web layout and design if I spend time and but my mind to it. I have come to love code which is why I will suceed with the career I will get after I graduate.


Javascript Is definietly not one of my best talents when it comes to web design. But ill have to admit that the satisfaction is amazing when i finally get something to work and am happy with it. I look forward to learing the language to my best ability and when a client needs something done in this feild i wont get off my computer until i figure out a way to make it happen.

Graphic Design/3D

Graphic design and 3D are two of my strong suits. It all started by messing around with adobe illustrator and photoshop. I perfer to create and edit my designs through illustrator, then do the final touches in photoshop. I feel that I know what appeals to the viewer while maintining an easy to use/browse User Interface. 3D has been new to me but ive grown to love it and find it programs like cinema 4d quite easy to use. I really appreciate video games and movies and think about how they made the 3d components when ever i play or watch them.


Filming and Editing video will always be my passion and best skill. It all began when I started to mess around with stop motion videos and edit them in windows movie maker. I went on to find other editing programs like imovie HD, Sony Vegas, Final cut, and Adobe Premeire. I began to start making comedic youtube video on various accounts. Check them out and click HERE. To this day I enjoy the post production as well as cinematography. I would like to find a career in marketing where my job is to make visual advertising through meadi like tv commercials, graphic ads, and website ads.